Plie Dance Competition Rules, Policies and Procedures
Competition and performing dancers will adhere to the policies set forth below but also agree to our Plie Dance Student Handbook provided upon registration and also available on our website. Handbook must be handed in BEFORE each season and before dancer begins dancing in their class(es). 
Competition dancers/competition dancer parents; performing dancers/performing dancer parents must be committed to dancing with us for the entire year.
Competition dancers’ dance season never ends. All competition dancers will be required to take Summer Classes in addition to the Summer Camp and Audition Week. These classes and Camps will be provided well in advance. Failure to attend the required classes and camps in the summer will result in not being able to audition for Competition OR FAILURE TO MOVE UP.   Dancers who would like to be considered for moving up to the next level must take the required classes outlined at the beginning each summer.  
Fees: Our fees (tuition) are based on the amount of time a dancer dances each month. For instance, a recreational team who dances 1 hour PER WEEK on average pays $55 per week per month (which is about $13+ per hour). We base our fees not only on the hourly rate, which pays for the cost to open the studio but also the instructor pay, and the time the studio will pay the instructor to travel to the various competitions this year to warm up the girls and be there for dancers both before the competition and after their performance awaiting awards. It also pays the instructor for the time they spend choreographing the routine and editing their own music. All of these fees are taken into account when figuring out our monthly fees. Fees will vary per class.  In addition to tuition, dance parents will also pay competition entry fees and costume fees, etc. Competition Fees are the fees that the competition organization charges to be part of their competition. Comp fees will be provided at the beginning of the season. (If dancer is doing a solo, duet or trio in addition to the group competition line, there will be additional fees for those entries). Parents may choose to pay these monthly but only if paid on time each month. If comp fees are not paid on time monthly, you will be required to pay the entire amount in full. Dancers who fail to pay the required competition fees and tuition fees by the deadlines provided in both our comp policies and rules/regular student handbook will be assessed a $10 late fee plus a $1.00 per day late fee after the 5th of the month, these fees will begin to be assessed on the 6th of each month. Additionally, if dance parent fails to pay the comp fees later than 60 days before the comp deadline, they will be subject to pay any and all late fees initiated and charged by the competition organization which may be as much as $50 per routine per student. If comp fees are constantly late, dancer may be discontinued from the program without refund.
If we incur any extra fees (known or unknown to us) for anything such as extra props, extra comp fees, etc. you will be notified and you will be required to pay for such fees by the required deadlines set forth in order for your dancer to participate in our competitions and recitals.
All competition dance parents (1 parent) of competitions dancers as of 2013 will be required to volunteer at one of our recitals in the designated place in which we ask of you. Parents with the last name starting with A-M will volunteer at the Holiday Show and parents with the last name of N-Z will volunteer at the Spring Show (this is because dancers have so many costume changes and our staff is unable to attend to many of their needs at their shows).
COSTUMES:  Competition dancers (either soloists, duets/trios or group dancers) must purchase 2-3 costumes for competition for group dance plus additional costumes for solo, duet or trio plus any props and appropriate footwear; All shoes must be purchased through Plie Dance in order to dance on our team. Costume items are not ordered nor provided to dancers until paid for in full. We will offer parents the opportunity to pay for costumes monthly to make it work financially for everyone involved.
Costume fees are set fees and due on dates provided. Failure to pay for costume fees when asked will incur a $10 late fee and you may not receive your costume on time for performances if not paid by our deadlines. We accept no responsibility for costume shipping as we rely completely on the costume company to provide the costumes to us by the time they indicate they will be shipped by.
INSTRUCTORS:  As much as we try and keep consistency for our dancers, we cannot guarantee any particular instructor for any class and we cannot guarantee the same instructor for the entire year. Our goal is always to keep consistency for a team and to have a team stay with the same instructor, but with anything in life, there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Additionally, some of our instructors are trained and have more experience in certain areas and we may have different instructors come in for certain parts or pieces of a dance when necessary and needed.

USE OF CHOREOGRAPHY:  All choreography is owned by Plie Dance Company and we have exclusive rights to the choreography taught to dancers by our instructors, etc. Dancers/Dance Parents, may not use the choreography provided to dancers, in whole or in part for any other function not associated with Plie Dance Company unless prior written permission is provided.
Dancers are allowed to miss 5 classes per season (September through June). This is 1/2 day every month/1 day every other month which we feel is fair. Any additional absences must be made up with SOLO lessons at the cost of $60.00 for a 60 minute session, per additional absence, scheduled at a time that is convenient for both instructor and dancer. If dancer cannot make up their time missed before their competition, they will not compete in that particular competition. Attendance will be taken at the start of each class. Dancers who have been absent and who do not know their routine(s), will not be able to perform until caught up. Dancers who are late to class will be assessed 15 minutes of late time; If dancers are late 30/60 minutes, etc. late, that time is taken off their attendance. Dancers who miss more than 50% of the class are considered absent.
Dance groups that require additional practices will be charged a prorated amount depending on the amount of time they practice above and over their normal class time, if needed.
Additionally, dancers are required to know and learn their routine even when absent and are responsible for catching up on their own. If a dancer falls behind in class, they need to practice at home so they are up to par with the team. Dancers who are not practicing and working faithfully in class will not be permitted to perform in competitions or any other performances which their instructor 
feels they are not prepared for. Dancers who fail to come to practice and to abide by the attendance policies will be dismissed from the team without refund.
MUSIC/CHOREOGRAPHY. ETC.  Neither dancers nor dance parents choose the music, choreography, props nor costumes or make up for dancers for comp, performing or solos or duets. This decision is solely decided upon by the instructor/director far in advance of the new season starting. As much as we would like to have every dancer be able to choose the all of the above for the routine they are performing, everyone has different opinions/likes/dislikes so please do not ask your instructor to change their music or choreography or costumes/make up/hair or props based on your dancer or dance parent opinions. Your teacher will choose what is best for the student or group and has many years of experience choosing the correct items that are age appropriate and will enhance the dancer/dancer’s that are performing to it.
COSTUME ALTERATIONS:  No alterations to costumes, make up, hair, any part of competition appearance is allowed unless permission is granted by Ms. Angeline and/or dancer’s instructor.   However, costumes that are ill fitted may be required to be fitted properly by a seamstress.  Dancers will have costume try ons prior to competition and instructors/Ms. Angeline will decide if alterations need to be made.  The cost incurred to alter costumes is paid by dance parents.
BIRTH CERTIFICATES:  We will need a copy (it does not need to be certified or stamped, just copied) of your birth certificate if this is the first year you have competed with us. If we already have it from previous years, we do not need it. Competitions place us in different divisions placed on the average age of our dancer’s on a team. We must be able to prove dancer’s age, if we are questioned at various at our competitions. If you do not hand in your birth certificate by the deadlines set forth, dancer will not be able to participate.
All Plie Dance Company Dancers, Dance Parents and Family Members attending competitions/performances are to follow the following rules: Other studios may or may not follow similar rules, but please don’t let that influence you.   
AT COMPETITIONS:  Dancers should be completely ready to perform (hair, costume, makeup, warmed up, etc.) at least two hours before scheduled time. You never know when a competition will be running early, and you must perform when they get to your dance or we can be skipped over and eliminated. If you will be getting ready at the competition, arrive much earlier. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO WALK ON STAGE 2-HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. If your dancer is late, we cannot wait for them if we are called to go on stage and if we don’t have all of our dancers on stage at curtain call, we will be docked points. Please make being on time (2 hours before competition on stage time) a PRIORITY for both your dancer (so they don’t feel rushed and stressed when they arrive and have time to warm up) and for the team/your instructor who is depending on them.
  • Be prepared to dance any of the days we provide you. For instance, we will have the days of the competition noted – such as February 21-24th. You must be committed to those days, even if it turns out that we don’t dance on each of those days. Keep those days on your schedule and block them off so when we get the final schedule, you will be ready to go.
  • If you are missing any part of your costume, you will not be allowed to perform if we cannot make all the dancers look alike. We are scored on our costume/appearance and if we don’t ALL match we will lose points. This includes missing headpieces, incorrect shoes, missing gloves, ripped or wrong tights etc.
  • You MUST LET US KNOW 3 weeks before a competition if you need extra tights, however, we may or may not have the size/type you need on hand so please don’t wait until the last minute to ask. If we have to order tights for your dancer, it may take a couple of weeks to receive these and only if they are in stock. Always have an extra pair of tights on hand just in case! Check through all of your costume and prop items 2 weeks before each competition and make sure everything you need is ready to go. This will ensure you have everything you need and if you don’t, you will have time to replace it/obtain it, etc. We have had issues in the past where dancers forgot an important part of their costume and were not able to go on stage because of it. If you check 2 weeks ahead, normally we can figure out a back up plan.
    COMPETITION DATES:  We will provide competition dates sometime in October. We ask that you mark off all the days on your calendar and be prepared to dance on any of the competition days provided because we aren’t provided the final schedule until a week or 2 ahead of time. You will receive a FINAL detailed schedule about 1-2 weeks before each competition (or as soon as we receive it.) There is no need to e-mail or call Angeline or your instructor to see if she has it – the second she has it, she will email it out to everyone. It is mandatory that ALL dancers perform at ALL competitions, rehearsals, recitals, etc. Remember, that their team is counting on them!
    Dancers must be at all practices at least 2 weeks prior to the competition and those who fail to do so, will not be able to perform at that specific competition.
    If, for any reason, dance student drops from the program, the entire year tuition, competition/performing fees and costume fees and all other fees associated with being a competition dancer is still due in full and if you pay in advance, there is no refund.  If dancer drops from the program, or is dismissed for breach of contract will still owe all fees in addition to a $100 drop fee due within 10 days of drop.
    Dance Team Members are to wear required makeup and purchase the required make up kit (not included in costume fee).  Parent will do dancer’s make up in the way specified by instructors/directors. Parents will be provided an instructional session on how to do dance competition make up. Talk to Angeline or your instructor for instructions if you are not sure of requirements.    
    Many of our groups will be purchasing hair pieces. If they are part of the costume, they are a REQUIRED purchase.
    No nail polish (fingers or toes) unless specified and agreed upon ahead of time by entire team/instructor/director
    No jewelry (including earrings) unless it is part of your costume.
    No panties under costumes because of panty lines.
    Older girls please wear bras, making sure they are completely covered by costume by, if necessary. We recommend getting a flesh colored convertible bra that has straps that may be placed in many different places or be strapless, so you don’t have to have several bras to go under several costumes. Or, you can get a bra with clear straps or buy the clear straps separately and replace the existing straps with them.
    If costume is ill fitted, it will be required that the costume be taken to a professional seamstress and fitted to the dancer’s body.  (We have some seamstresses we can recommend to parents if needed.)
    Bobbi pin all headpieces, even if you think it is not necessary.
    Bring emergency supplies like extra tights, needle and thread, clear nail polish (for last minute runs) and lots of safety pins and bobby pins.
    Make sure you always have an extra pair of tights. This is extremely important.
    Do not eat or drink while in costume. If you must, please cover up your costume. Many costumes are not washable, only spot treatable.
    Bring snacks and money for food or bag lunches so you have energy for the whole day. There are usually souvenirs available for purchase if you wish.
    Competition dancers - be in your costume at the award’s ceremony or in your warm up jacket – nothing else – It needs to be one or the other. We want our dancers presentable! No slippers or frumpy clothes! Dancers worked hard to look this good so keep that look the whole way through, no matter how tired you are! Also, we may want pictures with trophies so don’t run off right after awards and don’t take off your costume until after director/instructors have excused everyone to leave.
    HAIR: Follow specified instructions given by Plie Dance. If hair is a different style than bun, be sure you know how to do hairstyle far in advance of the competition.
    Wear your dance warm ups or costumes when you are in the audience or anywhere other than the dressing room. Or if you have a team sweatshirt, wear it. Not only is it a good cover-up it also helps us find each other.
    All other trophies are kept at the studio. If you perform a solo or duet and receive a trophy, your trophy is yours to keep. 
    Remember that at all times your attitude and behavior to us and to others is very important. We expect you to represent the studio and yourself with respect and integrity at all times. Compliment other studios’ dancers, and be willing to meet new people. If they do not respond in a positive way, just let it go, and don’t be rude back to them. It goes without saying that you should ALWAYS support your classmates, especially at our competitions - dancers need to come together and work as a team!
    Competition is not the time to bicker with each other. You should come together and support each other at this very special time.
    Remember, if you feel good about how you performed, that is all that matters. The scores you received are from judges who have specific likes and dislikes. Their score is only an opinion. It is an educated opinion, but it’s still only an opinion. One judge may like jazz, another ballet. Each judge is unique just as all of us are. It is wonderful if you place high, but you must remember you are all winners to start with or you wouldn't be out there putting it on the line. Your instructors will be proud of you no matter what and if you don’t place as high as you want to, then come back to class and work harder on your technique for the next competition!
    Enjoy the entire experience! Don’t save your happiness for only when you get a trophy. Be happy for all of it! Be proud that you have the courage to get on stage and dance your heart out!
    Audience behavior: Please follow all competition organization rules. This almost always means no videotaping. Our dancers can get points deducted or disqualified all together if someone from Plie Dance is caught doing so and if someone reports you - your actions
    can cost our dancers the difference between platinum and a bronze award and at certain competitions, can get us disqualified altogether. Do not risk this for the sake of our dancers. It will say on our scores if there are any deductions for poor sportsmanship or videotaping, etc. dancer may be dismissed from the program. 
  • We ask that when watching other competition dancers, get up between routines only. Students and their guests should applaud for others. (Believe it or not, some studios don’t applaud for others – that’s not okay and not our style!) . One dancer and only one dancer will be chosen to go up and accept an award on behalf of Plie Dance during awards ceremony for each competition. This dancer will be notified at the start of the competition. This is a privilege that is based on attendance, practice and overall attitude of dancer in class and decided upon by each instructor. .Dancers are required to stay for awards after each and every competition, including nationals. This shows their character and good sportsmanship. It looks very bad if a dancer leaves and doesn’t stay for the awards – not only to their instructor, director and team mates but also to the competition association. We need to be there for each other until the very end, even if we know we didn’t perform as well as we could have. Awards are usually done right after the dancer’s age group division is finished. Dancers may watch and wait in the audience until awards begin. AWARDS CEREMONY IS MANDATORY:Dancers who do not stay for awards will not be allowed to receive a trophy OR PIN.Your dancer must attend the competition awards ceremony if you want them to receive these items. Additionally, if your dancer fails to stay for awards, it will be taken into account for next year’s tryouts and may be a factor in whether a dancer moves up to a higher level. We need dancers to be committed to the team in every aspect, including attending awards AND SUPPORTING THEIR TEAM MATES AND FRIENDS.
  • At most competitions, they have a stand out award or call back for certain teams, solos or duets/trios and dancers may be asked to perform the last day of the competition. This is a great honor. If we are asked to perform, dancers are required to do so and must stay regardless of if it is the same day or a different day your dancer(s) perform their routine. If any group from Plie Dance wins money for their performance, the fee is paid to Plie Dance Company.
  • Dancers who are selected to take part of competition – either group, solo, duet, etc. will have 10 business days from date of audition in which to register and pay the first months fees. Failure to do in the time frame required will eliminate our dancer’s acceptance onto our competition team. This is because our instructor’s need time for song selection, creating choreography for the team (they need exact numbers for formation changes) as well as time to edit their music which takes several weeks of preparation before classes begin.
    Due to conflict of interest, dancers who are a part of our competition team, solo or duet MAY NOT dance on another competition team/solo/duet while dancing with Plie Dance Company.
    Above all, dance parents, dance students and family members of dancers must act with respect and civility towards other dancers, dance family members and towards the Plie Dance Staff and Plie Dance Volunteers. We strive to create a healthy, positive and fun atmosphere for all dancers who are involved with our dance programs. All dancers and dance parents/family members must adhere to the rules and policies above. Failure to do so will result in dancer dismissal from Plie Dance, without refund.
    By signing below, I acknowledge and agree to follow all rules and policies of Plie Dance Company (Please print, sign and date below and initial off on the bottom of each page). If you don’t want to print these pages off, we will provide copies for you to do so.
    Parent Printed Name: ____________________________
    Parent Signature: __________________________________
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